A threat 

​The mushy face tells a story Parts of defeat and victory A voice telling to be sorry A life suggesting to worry The hands are full of cuts A gun is staring at your guts The mind slowly shuts And the heart stare back as if it’s nuts The feeling of being alive arises The […]


​There is a house I go about  A place I would never leave out  But she can have her doubt That you won’t make it to the end of the bout  Her lips as red as a burn  Would make you take a turn The mistakes from which you never learn  Are the ones you […]

In doubt 

​Until the last smile you give back  The last mile your life lack  The only eye which turns black  You’ll find me there besides the wall crack Till the hourglass flips again  The clown house turns to sane And her thoughts begin to drain  That’s when the rush leaves your vein  Where the last tree […]

You think? 

​How should I begin?   Ask me how I have been.  Releasing the negativites  Hoping again not  to be seen  Where should I start?  You have played your part  Focusing on some abilities  Emptying out the heart  Will judgment come by?  Glaring at the starless sky  Finding some better possibilities  Staying close to pry  Why […]

To hold back! 

​Waiting by the place I don’t want to  The recurring phase I won’t woe  Calm and desired she brings something new  New as the day like she doesn’t have a clue  Riding off to the different sunsets  Dodging between the reality and the love nets  Staring until the eyes find some rest  You talk to […]

Is that you? 

​Strangers all around  Friends not found  Then you hear a sound  Something calling you from behind the light so round  It’s not what you think.   It does not link  Guessing, resulting in thoughts to sink We meet, it’s something covered in pink   It speaks as it calls out to be *love*  A step […]

She say’s 

​Can’t run away now  Those winds won’t ever allow  Sway’d by it in the darkness we glow Circling around in spaces so slow  Defamed by her loved ones She calms herself and hold down the guns  She smiles and pulls out the camera fun Ohh what a perfect light she speaks to the sun Thoughts […]